The most recent iteration of GM's pickup was aggressively attacked upon release.

 The GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado continue to easily outsell the Ram pickup in total sales.

 However, Chevrolet's long-standing monopoly on the second-plate sales position is starting to wane. 

Ram has won a few quarters over the last few of years, upending the hierarchy in a market that is renowned for its 

brand loyalty. The Ram's main abilities speak for itself. But more than that, GM's efforts to counter FCA's full-court blitz come out as very flimsy.

So the more time I spend with innovative, segment-defining GM cars like the C8 Corvette and 2021 

Escalade, the more perplexed I get by the Silverado

And although YouTube feeds are overrun with TRX drag races and Raptor leaps, the Trail Boss is Chevy's coolest Silverado.