Outside it is expressive, yet within it is really elegant. Our 6 out of 10 rating is due to its neatly designed dash.

With a complicated grille up front and slender headlamps, the Trailblazer's sci-fi exterior restyle

offers it a busier appearance than the vehicle from the previous year.

 There is a lot happening. It looks better from the side where there is a floating roofline that may be painted in a striking color.

On the sporty-looking RS trim level, wheel diameters go up to 19 inches. 

Inside is better. The new 11.0-inch touchscreen protrudes from the dash and cants a little bit in the direction of the driver.

The brand-new 8.0-inch instrument cluster display is located behind the steering wheel.

 The smallest SUV now fits in with other recently redesigned models in the bowtie brand's portfolio thanks to its new, contemporary appearance.